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A simple RESTful AngularJS bookmark app

Guido Krömer - 2018 days ago - Tags: , ,

Welcome to the second part of my AngularJS tutorial, you can read the first part here which covers a RESTful API build with the Slim PHP micro framework. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for building single page applications in a MVC style. Unlike the traditionally way with jQuery you do not have to add event listeners on CSS classes and select HTML elements by querying them.

AngularJS Bookmark App, list view.

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Speeding up canvas drawing by scaling it with CSS3

Guido Krömer - 2166 days ago - Tags: , ,

Playing around with HTML5 Canvas is a lot of fun, but drawing is really slow and reminds me on GDI+ or Java 2D. The larger the resolution of the drawing canvas is the worse the performance becomes. Doing a little game using the whole browser given size on a Full HD monitor can even slow down on Chromium with a relatively fast CPU (AMD A8-3870). My idea was drawing the canvas in a smaller resolution, the half of the available for example, and scale it up. This is the same way a game console like XBOX 360 and PS3 rendering Full HD or even HD Ready which sometimes is not HD Ready indeed. Scaling elements can be done using CSS3 transform.

Read more if you wants to know about the performance impact by scaling a canvas up instead rendering on a larger one:
Canvas scaled rendering performance on Firefox, Opera and Chromium

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