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Test your RESTful API with Frisby

Guido Krömer - 1719 days ago - Tags: ,

Writing a RESTful API is easy, but ensuring that small changes/fixes to the API does not break compatibility with existing clients consuming the API is not easy.

Not easy without functional tests, with the usage of a framework specified in REST API testing like Frisby even the tests are written easily. Frisby is build on top of Jasmine a node.js based BDD framework.

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TypeScript, why you should fall in love with it

Guido Krömer - 2135 days ago - Tags: , ,

The possibilities with JavaScript are awesome, but the maintainability is sometime really crappy, this is why Microsoft released TypeScript, which is a class based and optionally strictly typed language, as a superset of JavaScript. The Browsers does not need to support TypeScript since it gets compiled into JavaScript, the compilation is still readable, too.

Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web, TypeScript with IntelliSense.

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Node.js Chat client with jQuery Mobile

Guido Krömer - 2180 days ago - Tags: , ,

Welcome to the last part of my node.js chat tutorial, the topic of this part is the jQuery Mobile based client. The decision choosing jQuery Mobile has the two reasons, the UI I created for "WebSockets chat with Node.js " was really ugly because I'm not a designer, so I decided taking something which looks well out of the box. The second reasons was that jQuery Mobile seems to be well tested on different browsers even if they are not WebKit based. If you have not read the server side tutorial you maybe should read it before.

The jQuery Mobile chat client
This screen shots show how the chat client will look.

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Serving static files with Node.js

Guido Krömer - 2198 days ago - Tags: ,

Node.js isn't built for serving static files, but during testing and development it's quite handy doing this without configuring an apache or whatever http server. No configuration file is needed just two lines of JavaScript to get this server running.

var MiniHttp = require('./MiniHttp.js').MiniHttp;
var server = new MiniHttp('/tmp/', 8000, null, 'foo.html');
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