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Guido Krömer - 1063 days ago - Tags: , ,

Recently I wrote about "Get rid of those textarea with Chrome and Sublime Text 3" a Chrome extension which connects a HTML textarea through a WebSocket with a Sublime Text 3 plugin, for live editing the textarea's content in a decent editor.

After a request on GitHub, I finally released my SublimeText 3 plugin at Package Control and created a packed Chrome extension for easily installing at Chrome/Chromium.

So check it out if the browser textarea bothers you, too. Fell free to leave a comment here if you like or dislike my little extension.

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Get rid of those textarea with Chrome and Sublime Text 3

Guido Krömer - 1139 days ago - Tags: , , , ,

My recent project is a proof of concept connecting a HTML textarea with Sublime Text 3 using WebSockets, which lets you use all nice features of Sublime Text in a common textarea. Therefore I wrote a Chrome extension and a Sublime Text 3 plugin, the Sublime Text plugin starts a simple, single threaded, WebSocket Server awaiting a connection from the Chrome extension for sending and receiving the text when it has been changed.

I made a short video of this concept, which can be watched at YouTube.

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