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Use a QEMU qcow2 hard disk image with VirtualBox

Guido Krömer - 2254 days ago - Tags: , , ,

Last week I had to use an existing virtual machine on my local computer, which is a mac. The origin host machine was running Linux with KVM for visualization. The disk image format is qcow2, which is the default format in QEMU and not supported by VirtualBox. But the qemu-img tool can convert a qcow2 image to VirtualBox’s vdi format.

# qemu-img convert -O vdi vda.img vda.vdi

After converting the format, the new disk image, named “vda.vdi”, can be used with VirtualBox.


Turn your Linux system into a sandbox with KVM

Guido Krömer - 2321 days ago - Tags: , , , ,

Using a sandbox system is in many cases really handy, but a sandbox that is a snapshot of your "main" system is a little bit more handy. For example, if you want to test how a system update will perform, especially if you are using Arch or Gentoo Linux, on your main system or just for testing new software without messing up or destroying your system.

sandbox running as kvm

This a screenshot of my Thnkpad T61 running Xubuntu 12.04 with a running sandbox vm.

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